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Zinaida Serebryakova
Updated: 2016-10-23
Category: Painting
Zinaida Yevgenyevna Serebriakova (née Lanceray) was a Russian female painter. The daughter of sculptor E. A. Lansere, sister of E. E. Lansere. From 1886, she lived in St. Petersburg in the house of her uncle N. L. Benois. She studied at the school-workshop of Princess M. K. Tenisheva under I. E...

Cécile Decorniquet
Updated: 2016-10-07
Category: Photography

Jan Styka
Updated: 2016-09-21
Category: Painting
Jan Styka (April 8, 1858 in Lwów – April 11, 1925 in Rome) was a Polish painter noted for producing large historical, battle-piece, and Christian religious panoramas.

Niki Boon
Updated: 2016-09-18
Category: Photography
New Zealand photographer Niki Boon documents the childhood of her four children.

Izabela Urbaniak
Updated: 2016-08-25
Category: Photography
Izabela Urbaniak Bio 1973 born, commercial and fine art fotographer based in Lodz, Poland.

Henrik Sørensen
Updated: 2016-08-24
Category: Painting
Henrik Sørensen (12 February 1882 – 24 February 1962) was a Norwegian painter.

Diego Franssens
Updated: 2016-08-13
Category: Photography

Benoit Courti
Updated: 2016-08-13
Category: Photography

Georges Dussaud
Updated: 2016-07-19
Category: Photography

Anna Melnikova
Updated: 2016-07-08
Category: Photography

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